CRST Malone Orientation

CRST Malone Orientation

Flatbed Training is included in Malone Orientation

CRST Malone Owner Operator Flatbed Orientation Information

Malone Flatbed Division created a comprehensive and growing network that, in a cooperative effort with CRST Malone’s broad customer base, can provide our Flatbed Owner Operators with the ability to have high earnings with low deadhead.

CRST Malone Flatbed operation is made up of one of the nation’s largest fleets of covered wagons, a large number of step decks and regular flatbeds. Malone prides ourselves on our driver friendly freight and high fuel surcharges, 100% of which is paid to the Owner Operator.

CRST Malone is a fast-growing, people-oriented flatbed trucking company that is committed to excellence. In order to meet this commitment, CRST Malone has a clear understanding that developing partnerships with top-quality Owner Operators is essential to Malone’s continued success.

Most orientations you have been to are pretty similar: paperwork, Safety, Company policy and procedures, Company Outlook.

CRST Malone Flatbed Training and Orientation

insures that all flatbed Owner Operators are on the same page when it comes to proper Load Securement, what DOT is looking for and of course the Safety off all concerned.

Flatbed Securement Training

is part of every CRST Malone Flatbed Orientation and  at no charge to you.
Malone Owner Operators are paid the FIRST PORTION SIGN-ON-PAY PLUS BOB-TAIL Pay to orientation @ 59 cpm (maximum of $400)

No out of pocket money from you.

CRST Malone DISPATCH PROCEDURES – Malone has a company wide load board only accessible by CRST Malone O/O’s. This load board contains ALL available CRST Malone Flatbed loads with rate and fuel surcharge info on the screen. Know what you are able to do in advance.

Malone’s  dispatch procedure is not new or unique. Stay in touch with your designated contact, central dispatch or terminal. We do not force your dispatch. We do utilize preplanning to insure you can get reloaded with the least amount of layover and empty miles.

Preplanning requires communication, and good communication leads to higher earning. HOME TIME – As stated above, we do not force your dispatch. Therefore, home time is up to the Malone Owner Operator.

Keep your fleet coordinator informed as to when you want to go home and how long you want to stay. Most of Malone Owner Operators develop lanes within our system that allow them to have whatever home time they desire.


What does CRST Malone Flatbed pay Owner Operators?

Owner Operators are at Malone at paid 75% of of gross revenue with or 76% without CRST Malone’s trailer. Flatbed Owner Operators receive 100% fuel surcharge  paid to the truck. Malone Owner/Operators’ fleet average gross revenue is well over $2.00+ per mile to the Malone Owner Operators.  Flatbed Owner Operators also receive 100% of all tarp pay on tarped loads.

What is your average deadhead? Our average is 12-15%, but with a true non-forced dispatch system, you have a lot better contraol of your downtime and deadhead. Grab 2 loads at a time and keep rolling!

When do I get paid?

Malone Flatbed pays twice weekly on Wednesday and  Friday by noon through ComData. If your paperwork arrives on Saturday, Monday or Tuesday, you will be paid that Friday. Have your bills in 2 full working days before payday to get paid on time. CRST Malone uses the Pegasus scanning system, available at truck stops across the nation, at a cost of $0.25 per page.

Pegasus provides immediate receipt of scanned documents into CRST Malone’s Settlement department. Other pay options available are: Direct Deposit through ComData, Standard Check and Terminal Pay (in some locations).

What is the average age of a truck that CRST Malone allows:  Any age tractor is okay as long as it has a sleeper and passes a Level-One DOT Inspection.

How long is CRST Malone Orientation

Newly Streamlined to just 2.5 days which includes Flatbed securement training for all. Malone pays Owner Operators a Bonus plus bob-tail mileage reimbursement at 59 cpm immediately after orientation when you take your first load assignment, and are dispatched on your first load.

We currently have  orientation sites for Owner Operators: Birmingham, AL, and Cincinatti, OH.  Click here for more information.

What are your hiring requirements for CRST Malone Owner Operators?
Must have a minimum of six months OTR in the past three years in equipment similar to the type you will operate at CRST Malone.

No more than three moving violations over the past three years. No DUI or DWI convictions within the past three years.

No felony convictions within the past 10 years. DUIs, DWIs and felonies have a lifetime limit of one. No positive drug tests or refusals.

Minimum age requirement: 25 years old or 23 years old with 2 years of verifiable OTR experience.

All Malone Flatbed drivers take the following tests in Orientation at CRST Malone Orientation Sites:

1. DOT Physical Exam. If a driver’s documentation shows he/she has a current physical with at least 6 months remaining, a new physical will not normally be required unless the medical examiner in his/her opinion decides that one is necessary. Please make sure that your DOT long-form physical is Registered with your State.

2. DOT Drug Screen. All driver applicants will take a drug screen on the first day of Orientation, per D.O.T. regulations, unless the applicant has already had a drug screen with CRST that is within 30 days of the projected date of hire.

3. Road Test. All driver applicants must successfully pass a driver road test with a CRST safety trainer. Drivers must be able to double-clutch.

4. Agility Test. All driver applicants need to pass an agility test.

CRST Malone Loadboard