Directions to CRST Malone Orientation

Directions to CRST Malone’s orientation sites:

CRST Malone Orientation in Cincinnati, OHIO:

5700 Este Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio  45232

Keep track of you mileage from when you leave with the tractor to orientation for reimbursement at 59 cpm (up to $400 max).  Call Buck @ 1-800-837-1320  with this mileage Thursday afternoon once you receive your driver ID and CRST Malone Truck Number.

Here are your driving directions, truck information, and driver paperwork needed for CRST Malone Orientation in Birmingham, AL.

CRST Malone Orientation in Birmingham, AL:

CRST Malone Terminal (Class starts at 7:00 AM)

1201 Markeeta Spur Road

Moody, AL 35094

Ask for Safety Trainer

Orientation starts at 7:00 AM. 

After orientation you will be issued your securement equipment and then you will pick up your trailer. The trailer may not be located at orientation in all cases. You may have to drive to pick it up. You will be paid for your dead head miles.
(Don’t forget the Referral Bonus for Owner Operators with their tractor; have them call me and mention you, so I can get you paid when they dispatch.

Driver Items to Bring:

Class A CDL Driver’s License

Social Security Card

Copy of Medical Card

Copy of Long Form Physical with 6 months or more remaining – Registered with His State

Voided check for direct deposit (if applicable)
(NEED 10 Year work history)
NEED tax returns for any self-employment within the past ten years
Hard-toed shoes or boots
Truck Paperwork to Bring:

Copy of your truck title – even if it is still financed

Or – Copy of Lease Agreement (if you are Leasing the tractor)
Copy of your DD-214 if prior Military

Copy of 2290 paid and current

ANY AGE Tractor Okay if it meets these requirements
Tires 5/32nds of better tread depth
Brakes 3/8ths or better
NO LEAKS or DRIPS-oil, water, fuel, air, exhaust
Front end steering gear all tight-kingpin bushings, tie-rod ends, ball joints, etc.
NO broken windshield glass – windshield washers work
All batteries tied down and secure in battery boxes
Mud flaps with reflectors

Best wishes and Safe travelling!