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CRST Malone has an in-house load board that only requires a Username and password that you can log in with at anytime and see all the CRST Malone flatbed freight in the the Malone Freight System.

You can select the Loads that make the most sense to keep your flatbed owner operator revenue high and your deadhead and wait-times to a minimum (Always be thinking 2 Loads ahead).

As a contracted CRST malone flatbed Owner Operator you will have full access to all the CRST Malone Professional Freight Agents throught the USA who actually communicate with the Shippers and put the freight on the Malone Loadboard.

With the Malone Flatbed freight Loadboad you can also work out your own home time to your advantage.

Down every mile of the road, Malone Class A CDL Owner Operators will have the support of our professional CRST Malone Agents. It’s the Malone way.

When you call a CRST Malone Agent, you won’t just a hear busy tone because we that open communication and reliable information make for successful partnerships. Team up with CRST Malone Flatbed and you’ll discover that trust and honor haven’t disappeared from the flatbed trucking industry.

PLEASE NOTE: The CRST Malone Load Board is Proprietary and Malone Flatbed does not allow any non-CRST Malone Driver or Owner Operator to look at the Malone Load board before being contracted with CRST Malone as an Owner Operator.